Future Enhancements!

Timed Puzzle

  • On the member page, there will be a button to start a new puzzle.
  • Before you start the puzzle, get a piece of paper and a marker
  • When you click the button, a text with a code will be sent to you.
  • You will take two pictures.
  • The first is with the closed box, which shows an image of the puzzle, with the sheet of paper and the code.
  • The second picture will show the box opened, with the piece of paper and the code, and all of the puzzle pieces, unassembled.

The start time will be marked as the time the text was sent to you. The delay before you start will be similar for everyone.

When you've completed the puzzle there will be another button on the member page. At that time you will upload the pictures you took earlier, and a picture of the completed puzzle.

Competitive Puzzles

The rules for competition will be similar, but the entire solving period will be captured via video.

General Rules

No more than 3 people should work on a puzzle at the same time. If one individual leaves the table, another can step in. No help can be provided by someone that is not part of the current three team members at the table.


You can take as many breaks as you need. Sleep if necessary. However, the total time the puzzle is on the table unassembled counts as solution time. The timer is not turned on and off as you work on the puzzle.