Doing our part to support social distancing during this trying time!

We've never been through anything like this. For most of us, the best we can do is stay home, and try not to tax an overly burdened health care system.

How much Netflix can you watch?

As we look for ways to spend more quality time at home, that isn't just binge watching the most recent release, one obvious option that comes to mind, puzzles. For many it brings back the memory of a simpler less stressful time.

If you're here this early, you're into puzzles

We're not widely spreading the word about this yet. It's our goal by April 5 to have 100 'puzzlers' signed up. If we can do that, we'll roll it out to a larger audience, and I'll build the infrastructure that's needed to support it. If you would like to be an early organizer, email me at Thanks!

Probably not as accomplished 'puzzler' as you...

But here's my wife and son after a recent completion. Yes, that's her wine glass... necessary puzzle aid for her. She's a nurse educator at the local level 1 trauma center, so keeping people home helps her, and thousands like her on the front line of this battle.

... and the one currently on the table (that's been a bit of a struggle)!